Planks Shelving

Designed By Max Lamb

Designed to sit against a wall or as a room divider, the Planks Shelving, designed by Max Lamb, is offered with or without storage option.  This piece is made in bespoke heights to suit your room. Please contact us so that we can discuss installation and provide you with a quotation.



w2500 d330 h430mm

Bespoke Options

If you would like a quote for a bespoke size or timber, please call us on 01488 608020 or email us. We can help you choose the right size for your space requirements.

Material Options

Our in-house design team can work to develop ideas from initial briefs to completed designs ready for manufacture.

Design and Creativity Skills

Because everything is made in our own workshops, we can ensure that your furniture is made exactly to your requirements.


About the designer

Max Lamb

Deeply rooted in materials and process, Max Lamb’s designs are stripped away of all superfluous detail. He exploits the qualities inherent in the materials that he uses to draw out their natural tendencies and beauty. Max has received numerous awards and his work is highly regarded.

storage box resting on top of douglas fir dining table

Thoughtful detailing

Storage solution

The Planks range was designed to help tidy away the clutter. Each piece has a built-in storage that blends into the design of the table giving it a clean, yet practical look.

You can always visit or contact us at our UK workshop