Jack Dining Table – Ex Display

Designed By Steven Owens


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We have a variety of ex-display Jack Dining Tables available at a discounted rate. These different sizes are variations of the Jack Dining Table from previous years. If you’d like to discuss them with us, please give us a call on 01488 608020, or email.

Please note, the images shown are not the tables available.

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For us, sustainability is simple: we make pieces to last for 100 years. That in itself means it is better for the environment; but it also means using the very best materials and caring about how we make and what we make it from.


Committed to nurturing and elevating the next generation of craftsmen

steven owens

About the designer

Steven Owens

Starting with a strong understanding of everyday needs and an in-depth knowledge of materials and process, Steven makes a virtue out of structural necessity, emphasising the craftsmanship and natural beauty of the materials to create designs that are truly useful, strong and honest.

curved edge of solid oak jack dining table

Considered design

Thoughtful detailing

All of our furniture is designed with a depth of meaning and consideration of both aesthetics and pleasure of use.  The chamfered profile of the Jack brings a lightness to the solid top as well as a softness to the edge.

You can always visit or contact us at our UK workshop