AYA High Table

Designed By Foster + Partners


    The aim of the AYA Collection is to create more from less.  A humble, restrained design with a circular approach at its core, AYA is made from solid British ash or European oak. Natural character and variation of colour is embraced to minimise waste.  Each piece has been designed and made to be easily disassembled for repair, and finished with natural oils for ease of refurbishment , thus enabling it to have multiple lives.

    The AYA High Collaboration Table has a D Ended shape and the option of an integrated reading light. It is available with surface and/or beam mounted power; or alternatively set within a trough with a hinged lid.  Cables are managed down the leg with a lift off panel.

    For complete transparency of impact on people and planet, the AYA collection has Red List Free Declare Labeling and Environmental Product Declarations. A Lifetime Repair Service and a Take Back Scheme are provided to encourage sustainable consumption and whole life thinking.


    w2200 d1000 h1050

    w2200 d1200 h1050

    w3400 d1000 h1050

    w3400 d1200 h1050

    Bespoke Options

    If you would like a quote for a bespoke size or timber or would like more information on integrated power and data options, please call us on 01488 608020 or email us. We can help you choose the right size for your space and seating requirements.

    Material Options

    white oiled ash

    Ash White Oil

    Oak Clear Oil

    Oak Whitened Oil

    ebonised oak

    Ash Black Stained

    Humble design and material honesty delivers beauty and functionality with minimal impact.


    Made with natural, sustainable and non-toxic materials, our furniture is made with human health and well-being in mind.

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    OVO Collection by Foster & Partners

    About the designer

    Foster + Partners

    Foster + Partners is a global studio for architecture, urbanism and design, rooted in sustainability, which was founded in 1967 by Norman Foster.  Both our OVO and AYA collections are designed by their industrial design team which has developed a wide range of products from door handles to wind turbines; from a fountain pen to the cabin of an executive jet.

    AYA High Collaboration Table


    We have invested in Life Cycle Assessments and independently verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) to demonstrate the impact of our furniture.

    The AYA High Table has a negative carbon footprint which means that it stores more carbon than it emits during manufacture, distribution and use. For further information, please download the EPD

    You can always visit or contact us at our UK workshop