AYA Collection

Designed by Foster + Partners, AYA is a demonstration of our whole life thinking to thoughtfully create for the benefit of both people and planet.

Launched with Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Product Declarations, AYA is presented wtih full carbon footprint labelling, a Lifetime Repair Service and a Take Back Scheme to encourage sustainable consumption and a circular mindset.

AYA High Table


AYA Conference Table


AYA Stool


Material Options

ebonised oak

Ash Black Stained

white oiled ash

Ash White Oil

Oak Clear Oil

Oak Whitened Oil

The aim of the AYA collection is to create more from less.  Made in solid timber, the humble form of Foster + Partners’ restrained design is combined with material honesty to deliver beauty and functionality with minimal impact.



AYA Collaboration Table with AYA Stools designed by Foster + Partners

The AYA collection is made in  solid FSC British grown ash as the standard option.  Variation of character and colour is embraced, rather than rejected, to minimise waste.  The pieces have been designed and made to be easily disassembled for repair, and finished with natural oils for ease of refurbishment, to enable the pieces to be in use for several lifetimes

Soft curves of the AYA stool designed by Foster + Partners
Soft curves of the AYA reading light and table designed by Foster + Partners
Soft curves of the AYA table designed by Foster + Partners
Red List Free Declare Label

AYA has also been designed with consideration of human health and well-being.  The simplicity of design, soft tactile curves and natural materials provide a connection to nature and promote a restorative and calming environment.

The collection is finished with low VOC oils for healthy indoor air quality and certified Declare Red List Free. This provides transparency and assurance that there are no toxic or harmful chemicals involved in its production.

We have always considered the environmental impact of the materials we use and the processes that go into making our furniture.

We are currently waiting for  Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to be verified and published, which demonstrate the cradle to grave environmental performance each piece.

All AYA pieces have a negative carbon footprint which means that they store more carbon than is emitted during their manufacture, distribution and expected use.